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You can find here the basic things yo need to know about Tecnara, the spanish IT Cluster in the region of Aragon.

Cluster is based in Zaragoza city, with airport and connections by high speed train with Madrid (1h 20min) and Barcelona (1h 45 mins).

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TECNARA, cluster of ICT companies, electronics and telecommunications of the Aragon region in Spain, is an entity with the legal form of a private and independent non-profit association. Established 2010.


TECNARA members are more than 47 SME and companies, the University of Zaragoza, the University of San Jorge, the regional government agency for export Aragón Exterior, the research center Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón ITAINNOVA, and the regional Cámara de Comercio – Commerce Chamber.


  • TECNARA is member of Aragón DIH – Digital Innovation Hub
  • TECNARA is associated to spanish national platform of IT industry, DigitalES_

Official spanish Cluster: Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora

Tecnara was promoted by the Innovation Forum of the Association of Informatics Companies of Aragon and was constituted in Zaragoza on April 2010.

It is registered in the spanish national registry of clusters (Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, dated December 2011 and registration number 598862.

Currently, its lines of action are defined in its Strategic Plan 2019-2022, that received the evaluation of Excellence by Ministerio de Industria, which allows Tecnara access to national funding exclusive for clusters on innovative projects with his associates and with other clusters and their associates.

Tecnara has an active collaboration with regional government of Aragón, in the Economy, Industry and Education departments. The cluster provides companies direct feedback over the laws issued by regional government, funding calls, etc.

Excellence in management

Its organization and its governance model are included in its Statutes and its commitment to action is established in its Ethical Code. Tecnara has been audited for excellence in its management by the European Secretariat for the Analysis of Clusters (ESCA), having obtained the Bronze Label sea, in 2014, and the Silver Label sea, in 2016. Renewal is pending of a collective action for all 8 aragonese clusters.

The managing director of Tecnara, Manuel Pérez Alconchel, is one of the 37 Spanish cluster managers who has certificated in the Official Training Program for AEI Cluster Managers by the Ministry of Industry.

>>You can contact us on english via email.

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