Expertise areas

Tecnara offers you different areas in order to share knowledge about different technologies an best practises. Feel free for contact us!


We can offer the experience of research labs of our associates Universidad de Zaragoza, Universidad San Jorge and ITAINNOVA, plus the expertise of our associates in a wide range of specialties like:

  • Digital transformation
  • Connected Industry
  • Agricultural and
  • Blockchain
  • e-Commerce

If you need a resarch or enterprise associated for the consortia of your projects, please contact us!


Spain is in the same situation of lack of young people to be recruited by IT companies. TECNARA is fighting since 2015 with their own educational programs, in collaboration with regional employement agency, INAEM, and Department of Education of the regional Government.

Tecnara Academy program: educational courses 300 hours long, for people without previous e-skills. Junior level coders on mainstream languages and frameworks.

Specialisation for VET – Vocational Training. In full co-operation with Department of Educaction of the regional government, we design 10 months specialisation courses for young people finishing IT two-years standard program. These courses runs in the manner of Dual Education.

Tecnara provides contents and teachers absolutely updated to the profiles that companies demand to recruit, with a very reduced learning curve needed.

First availlable courses are: IOT Technicians, and Cloud Computing.

Formatea experimental education courses

World is plenty of new educative ideas for the technical education, based in very updated and synthesized courses as an alternative to VET and university programs.

Tecnara is actually (summer 2020) running two experimental programs under the project:

  • 888 Full Stack. 888 hours, half theory, half practise on real projects, for people without previous tech skills. The results must be people with full profesionnal proficiency as junior full stack coders.
  • 555 Data Experts. 555 hours, hal theory, half practise . For people with college degree on financials, economy. We provide them the knoledge and tools on data management, that combined with their financial knowledge will produce a profile really interesting inside Fintech companies. provide also coaching on extra human and personal tools in order to improve recruitment value of our students

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